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AltBraKz is a dynamic multi-genre electronic artist hailing from the thriving music scene of Vancouver. He has been producing innovative tracks since 2015 under various aliases. With a diverse background in music, he draws inspiration from a wide range of genres and fuses these ideas into his unique sound identity. His passion for experimentation and pushing the boundaries of electronic music led him to delve into glitch and IDM, where he found a new canvas for his love of sound design and granular processing. AltBraKz’s eclectic soundscapes blend glitch, drum and bass, and house elements, focusing on creating a unique sonic experience for his listeners.

As an artist, AltBraKz is drawn to glitch music because of its boundless nature. It’s a genre that defies the constraints of tempo and rhythm, and he finds beauty in exploring the uncharted territories of sound.

Beyond his artistry, AltBraKz is also a skilled writer and digital marketer. He has written for various publications across industries and is currently managing the social media for Billegal Beats. His dedication to the craft of sound design has also led him to create production tutorials, which he shares to help aspiring artists develop their skills.

With his unique vision and passion for music, AltBraKz is an artist to watch in the electronic music scene. His dynamic tracks and innovative sound design are sure to leave a lasting impression on audiences worldwide.